College Readiness

What Does It Mean To Be College-Ready?

Before a student may enroll in a college credit course he or she must show that they have achieved college readiness.

When a student is college-ready that student has mastered the academic skills they need in order to be successful doing college level work. At CUNY, we measure college readiness using a set of benchmarks based upon NYS Regents Exam scores and SAT or ACT scores. These benchmarks are also how we determine the College Now Eligibility Requirements which may be found at this link.

How does College Readiness differ from High School Graduation?

It is true that a student may graduate from high school, pass all of their required Regents exams and receive a diploma yet still not be college ready and, at many colleges, will not qualify for college-credit courses.

The scores required to demonstrate college readiness in most cases, are higher than those needed to earn a high school diploma.

If a student does not have the necessary Regents, ACT or SAT scores, he or she will have the opportunity to show that they are college-ready by taking and earning the required score on the CUNY Assessment Exam either for math or reading and writing or both if needed.

How Can Students Participate in College Now if They Don’t Meet College Readiness Benchmarks?

  • College Focus (COFO) courses prepare 11th and 12th grade students who are on track to graduate from high school, but not with college ready scores, for college-level work in English and/or math. At the completion of the COFO course, students take the CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT) as a final opportunity to qualify for college level work before graduation.
  • Developmental (also known as remedial) courses are zero-credit courseswhich prepare students for college-level math, reading and writing.  Titles and descriptions of developmental courses may be found by searching for the respective community college and/or subject at the College Credit Courses page.
  • College Now also features a range of pre-college activities that promote the development of academic and/or social/emotional college readiness skills.