College Focus

What Is College Focus?

College Focus (COFO) courses prepare 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who are on track to graduate from high school, but not with college ready scores, for college-level work in English and/or math. At the completion of the COFO course, students take the Algebra I Regents or CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT) as a final opportunity to qualify for college level work before graduation. Students who score at or above the college readiness benchmarks on the Algebra I Regents or CUNY Assessment Tests are exempt from any remedial courses in CUNY.

Why College Focus?

  • Before a student may enroll in a college credit course either in College Now, or as an undergraduate college student, he or she must show that they are college-ready, or that they have the necessary skills to successfully complete college-level work.
  • Students can demonstrate that they meet CUNY’s college readiness requirements based on their SAT, ACT, or NY State Regents test scores.
  • Students who do not achieve the required scores on SAT, ACT, or New York State Regents Exams can satisfy the college readiness requirements by passing the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
  • The charts linked here shows the difference between NYCDOE High School Graduation Requirements and CUNY College Readiness benchmarks scores.

The two charts below show how students in College Now may demonstrate college readiness in English and in Math (click on photos to enlarge):



College Now -CUNY Placement Policies: English


College Now – CUNY Placement Policies: Math


College Focus (COFO) is an opportunity to avoid the potential time and cost of remediation by preparing for, taking, and passing the CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT) before high school graduation.

  • Students who become remediation free before senior year may be eligible to take college credit courses.

Who Is Eligible for College Focus Courses?

Students are eligible for College Focus if they are high school sophomores, juniors or seniors who are on-track to graduate with Regents scores in either or both Math or English that will allow them to graduate, but aren’t high enough to meet the college readiness benchmark.

College Focus Math and College Focus English classes each have specific sets of requirements:

College Focus (COFO) Math: 

  • Sophomores who scored a 65–69 on Common Core Algebra I Regents
  • Seniors who scored a 65–69 on Common Core Algebra I or Geometry Regents.
    • have already successfully completed their commencement level credit math sequence (core math sequence), and
    • are on track to graduate with at least a 65 on ELA Regents (or ELA GPA 80), and have excellent attendance records.
  • Juniors in their second semester who are enrolled in their sixth commencement level credit math course and who meet all of the above criteria.

College Focus (COFO) English:

  • Seniors or juniors who scored a 65–74 on the ELA Regents, and
  • Have excellent attendance records.

College Focus (COFO) Summer Programs:

  • Only open to RISING SENIORS who meet the eligibility requirements outlined above.

How to Get Involved With College Focus:

College Focus is offered through seven College Now campus programs during the academic year and in summer programs.

Contact one of the following College Now programs at the links listed below for more information:

College Focus @ Borough of Manhattan Community College

College Focus @ Bronx Community College

College Focus @ Hostos Community College

College Focus @ Kingsborough Community College

College Focus @ LaGuardia Community College

College Focus @ Queensborough Community College