City College of New York

You can’t go to college while you’re still in high school!

Wait a minute! It turns out that you can… if you have the right qualifications.

Earn College Credit Now

College Now at The City College of New York (CCNY) offers introductory-level college-credit courses in the humanities, social sciences, sciences and engineering to qualified New York City public high school students.

Credits earned can be applied toward a CCNY degree and can usually be transferred should you choose to go to college elsewhere. You can take courses on the CCNY campus.

It’s challenging and rewarding, and it lays a solid foundation for your college education.

Other Opportunities

Perhaps you don’t yet qualify for college-credit courses, or you’re looking for something to feed your brain in the summer. Consider, then:

  • Bridge to College Writing and high school credit courses designed to give you a leg up on your college career
  • the Summer Architecture Institute, a six-week program for students interested in understanding the fundamentals of architecture.  Students engage in small and large group work to learn about tradition and non-traditional architecture and design…and earn college credit in the process.

Resources Galore

College Now participants can enjoy all of the resources located on the beautiful and historic St. Nicholas Heights campus of the City University of New York.

Getting Started

  1. Search for your high school. If your high school is a partner, make a note of its CCNY College Now liaison. The liaison is the person you’ll need to contact to see exactly what courses and activities are open to you, deadlines for enrollment, etc.
  2. If your high school is not officially partnered with CCNY, you can contact Central Office CN staff to inquire about your options.