John Jay College of Criminal Justice

College Now at John Jay aims to meet the diverse academic needs and interests of high school students preparing to enter college. Get an introduction to college life while you develop the personal values you need to survive and succeed in college. Moreover, it’s a bargain—no cost for tuition, books, or supplies!

How It Works: Courses

  1. Qualified students begin by taking CN-only sections (also known as “cohort courses”). Students from various New York City public high schools fill these classes, which are taught by Hunter College professors at the bustling 68th street campus.
  2. After passing a cohort course with a grade of B or better, College Now students who meet the prerequisites can take regularly scheduled undergraduate courses (called “waiver-funded courses” within the College Now program). Most students in these classes will be regularly enrolled John Jay students—not high school students like you.

Students in either type of course are required to make a serious commitment to attend classes and complete all assignments.

Additional Benefits:

  • a John Jay College Now student ID, which you can use to explore the campus;
  • full access to the college’s library, computer labs, tennis courts, swimming pool, fitness center, and other facilities;
  • tutoring from the college’s tutorial services if you’re having difficulty in math, reading, or writing

Getting Started

  1. Search for your high school. If your high school is a partner, make a note of its John Jay College Now liaison. The liaison is the person you’ll need to contact to see exactly what courses and activities are open to you, deadlines for enrollment, etc.
  2. If your high school is not officially partnered with John Jay, you can contact Central Office CN staff to inquire about your options.