Kingsborough Community College

Up for a challenge? Get a head start on your college education with Kingsborough Community College’s College Now program.

Take a course right at your school, before or after your regular school day, without any registration, tuition, or book fees! Among other options: classes at KCC’s waterfront campus on Saturdays or during school breaks. It’s all about choice and convenience.

Lots of Courses to Choose From!

  • English or math classes for high school elective credit. Strengthen the basic skills you need to finish high school and enter college.
  • Introductory-level college courses, 3 college credits each, for qualified students. Choose from science, business, communications, humanities, or the behavioral and social sciences.
  • College Planning and Career Decision Making seminars, 1 college credit each, for qualified students. Plot a smooth transition from high school to college and career. College Now Foundations courses (for 10 th graders). Get hands-on experience as you lay the foundation for academic success in college.
  • Special workshops. Expand your horizons with offerings such as the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) which gives participants a close-up look at the world of chefs, cooking, and restaurants.

More Benefits

  • a Kingsborough Community College ID card for access to the college’s library and computer labs
  • a voice in the program and leadership experience through the College Now Student Advisory Board
  • one-day events such as Parent Open House Evenings, Literacy through Film Festival and science conferences supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

For the Record

The College Now program at Kingsborough Community College has been running since 1984 and was cited for excellence by the U.S. Department of Education in 1992. It serves over six thousand students a year.

Getting Started

  1. Search for your high school. If your high school is a partner, make a note of its KCC College Now liaison. The liaison is the person you’ll need to contact to see exactly what courses and activities are open to you, deadlines for enrollment, etc.
  2. If your high school is not officially partnered with KCC, you can contact Central Office CN staff to inquire about your options.