LaGuardia Community College

LaGuardia’s College Now program seeks to prepare high school students for successful academic performance in college and to facilitate their transition from high school to college.

Most classes take place at our partner high schools.  In addition, we offer several college classes on our campus through our Campus Cohort program.  A select group of students also join us each year through our College Connection program which allows high school juniors and seniors to take regularly scheduled classes with other college students.

Options for Nearly Everyone

Whether you’re a 10th grader, an English Language Learner, or a qualified junior or senior, you can find what you need to succeed at LaGuardia College Now.

  • College Readiness Seminar: We offer a 30-hour, non-credit College-Readiness seminar for 10th graders. This program is based on a 4-dimensional model of college readiness. It introduces you to a social science curriculum, strengthens your reading, writing and thinking skills, teaches you the behaviors expected in college, and provides information about the college-going process. It serves as a bridge to College Now in 11th grade.
  • English and Math Developmental Courses. These non-credit courses prepare you to take the CUNY Assessment tests in Reading, Writing and Math, giving you the chance to test out of remediation and enter CUNY college-ready. They may also help you do better on the ELA and Integrated Algebra Regents. Passing these tests enables you to take college-credit courses.
  • ESL programs. Queens is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse places in the world. Like LaGuardia, our partner high schools have students from many different countries, some of whom are learning English as a second (or third, or fourth) language. If you are an ESL student, you can take advantage of our speech, advanced reading and basic writing courses.
  • Gateway Courses: Literacy and Propaganda and Critical Thinking are college credit courses open to students who have passed the ELA Regents but not attained the 75 ELA required by CUNY.  These courses sharpen your academic literacy skills, and allow you to take more challenging courses through College Now.
  • College-credit courses. We offer college credit-classes in many different subjects including Business, Communication Skills, English, Mathematics, Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, Global Politics, Biology, Music and Art. In addition to helping you earn credit for college, these courses sharpen your thinking and writing skills—preparing you for your academic future.

Getting Started

  1. Search for your high school. If your high school is a partner, make a note of its LaGuardia College Now liaison. The liaison is the person you’ll need to contact to see exactly what courses and activities are open to you, deadlines for enrollment, etc.
  2. If your high school is not officially partnered with LaGuardia, you can contact Central Office CN staff to inquire about your options.