College Now Courses and Activities

The College Now program offers high school students the opportunity to participate in courses and activities that develop their academic and social college readiness benchmarks skills.

These activities include:

  • College-credit Courses:The college credit offerings range from courses in the arts and humanities to the social sciences to math and technology.  Courses are primarily introductory-level courses and vary from campus to campus.
  • Pre-college Courses: A variety of pre-college activities which develop students’ academic and social/emotional college readiness skills are available for students not yet ready to take college-credit courses. These include college awareness and advisory workshops, developmental education courses, and College Focus courses which prepare 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who are on track to graduate but do not meet college readiness benchmarks to pass CUNY Assessment Tests in math, reading and writing.
  • Workshops and Other Activities: Campus-based cultural-excursions, arts and music workshops, meetings with admissions and guidance counselors, use of college libraries and facilities are just some of the ways College Now engages students in the college experience.

In most cases, College Now activities take place before or after school and at some campuses, on Saturdays.

Participation in College Now is open to NYCDOE public high school students, including registered home schooled students and students with disabilities.

Specific eligibility requirements for each type of College Now Activity may be found at the this link.