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Ophthalmic Materials and Laboratory II

A continuation of the didactic and laboratory concepts involved in the identification, location and fabrication of prescription ophthalmic eyewear. Emphasis is placed on the calculated effects of prism using a single vision lens power and achieving prism through centration of optical centers. Identifying various ophthalmic lens-manufacturing techniques of factory finish, surfacing and casting methods to achieve lens powers, sphere and toric base curves will be covered. Multifocal lens and progressive lens characteristics are introduced including powers, design, material, lens profiles, lens blank size, frame size and patient PD. In addition, continued application of ophthalmic standards of ANSI Z80.1, Z80.5 and ANSI Z 87 is emphasized. The laboratory component focuses on the practical aspect of identifying, measuring and fabrication of ophthalmic projects that require wanted prism and fabrication of multifocal lens designs that incorporate patient distant and near PD’s