Eligibility Requirements

College Now’s goal is to promote college readiness, or, knowledge and awareness of the college-going process and increase academic readiness for college by providing New York City public high school students with:

  • College credit courses which are aligned with first year study at CUNY
  • Pre-college courses and activities including Gateway and developmental education courses
    • Including College Focus workshops geared toward students who are on-track to graduate but have not yet met college-ready scores on Regents and SAT exams.


Participation in College Now is restricted to students registered with the NYCDOE, including registered home schooled students and students with disabilities whose private school tuition or disability services are supported by the NYCDOE. The program’s dual enrollment offerings are geared toward 11th and 12th grade students.

Note: Requirements vary from campus to campus!

Most of the colleges that participate in College Now follow a fairly standard set of guidelines.  The only way to know for sure what qualifies you to take a specific course is to contact your high school’s CN liaison or CN staff at the college offering the course.

Enrollment in a College-Credit Course

For most college-credit courses, students must meet certain eligibility requirements, and each campus College Now program considers Regents scores, SAT, and/or GPA (grade point average) to decide eligibility for enrollment in a course for college credit.

Most CUNY colleges expect you to have met at least one of the benchmarks* indicated in the table below. Please note: some colleges may require even higher scores and/or sitting for a placement exam.

  • For a math class or class with math prerequisite:
    • 70 or better on New York State Regents Examinations in Algebra 1 or Geometry OR 65 or higher on Algebra 2
    • 530 or better on SAT math section
    • ACT Math score of 21 or higher
  • For all other classes:

    • 75 or better on English Language Arts (ELA) Regents
    • 480 or better on SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section
    • ACT English score of 20 or higher

 *If you haven’t taken any of the tests listed, a college might still consider you qualified if your GPA is 85 or better. (For this purpose, GPA is usually calculated after you’ve completed 5 semesters of high school.)

Enrollment in a Pre-College or Developmental Course

Generally, you can take a pre-college or developmental course if you have met at least one of the benchmarks below:

  • have a good attendance record;
  • score a 65 or better on an appropriate Regents exam;
  • earn a PSAT score or SAT score or GPA the college considers acceptable

While the qualifications listed above apply to most pre-college and developmental courses across College Now campuses, you should contact your high school’s CN liaison or CN staff at the college offering the course for specific eligibility requirements.

Enrollment in College Focus (COFO) Courses

If you are on-track to graduate but don’t have ELA or Math Regents scores that qualify you for college credit, College Focus will prepare you for passing the CUNY Assessment tests in math and in reading and writing which will exempt you from remedial courses at CUNY.

You may also qualify for college credit courses in College Now before graduating high school.

COFO Math: 

  • Seniors who scored a 65–69 on Common Core Algebra I or Geometry Regents.
    • have already successfully completed their commencement level credit math sequence (core math sequence), and
    • are on track to graduate with at least a 65 on ELA Regents (or ELA GPA 80), and have excellent attendance records.
  • Juniors in their second semester who are enrolled in their sixth commencement level credit math course and who meet all of the above criteria.


COFO English:

  • seniors or juniors who scored a 65–74 on the ELA Regents, and
  • have excellent attendance records.


COFO Summer Programs:

  • are open to RISING SENIORS only.


For more information and a list of campuses where College Focus is offered