Opportunities for Teaching in College Now

How Teachers are Hired

We occasionally get email from teachers and others asking about how they can work for College Now. Hiring for College Now is done by the individual colleges that participate in the program, and these colleges generally hire from the pool of faculty at their own institutions or from their partner high schools.

Hiring Protocols Vary Based on Course Type

There are several different types of CN courses and activities. Teachers of pre-college courses (courses which don’t carry college credit) are generally hired directly through campus College Now offices. However, those offices only recommend candidates to teach college-credit courses; academic departments at the college do the actual hiring.

Note to High School Teachers:

In the past, we’ve received inquiries from high school teachers who want to know how they can go about teaching a College Now course for students who attend their school. Here’s what we suggest in this situation:

  1. Check our list of participating high schools to determine whether your school has an established College Now partnership.
  2. If your school has a CN partnership, contact program staff at the partner college to express your interest. Note: In some cases, a high school may be partnered with more than one college.
  3. If your school does not yet have a CN partnership, consult with your principal to see whether CN seems like an appropriate program for your school. If it does, school staff can contact us to request a CN Partnership Request Form. If College Now assigns your school a partner college, you would then be free to discuss teaching opportunities with staff at the partner campus.