Transferring College Now Credits

If you will be enrolling in a CUNY college you do not need to take any action. Your College Now credits will be transferred automatically within the CUNY system.

If you are enrolling in a NON-CUNY college and you want to transfer the college credit you earned through College Now outside of the CUNY system you will need an official copy of your transcript.  To do that:

  • Figure out which CUNY college offered the course(s) you took.  If you took the course at your high school and don’t remember the partner college, locate your high school in our list of participating high schools to find your high school’s College Now partner(s).  If your school has more than one CN college partner, you may need to contact the CN liaisons listed to find out about your particular course.
  • Make sure you know the course title and when (semester, year) you took the class.
  • Contact the Office of the Registrar at the college that offered the course. If you took courses offered by different colleges, you’ll have to contact the Registrar at each campus.

For example if you took a course in the fall from Baruch and attended a summer program at Hunter – you need to contact the Registrars at both Baruch and Hunter and ask for your transcript.  You can also request that the Registrar forward an official transcript to the Office of Admissions at the college where you want to receive credit.



Please be aware that credit-transfer policies vary from college to college. While some schools will grant you full credit, others may assign you fewer credits than you earned—or simply fail to accept your credits altogether.

If you’re attending a CUNY college and feel that: