Myself Third

Myself Third: Spirit of New York Scholarship

The Myself Third Scholarship promotes the ideals of character, leadership and service, and honors college-bound students who engage in ongoing social action and volunteerism.  Scholarship winners are selected based on their grades, extracurricular activities, letter(s) of recommendation and volunteer service that demonstrates a strong commitment to helping their school, community, or fellow citizens.


The program awards multiple, one-time grants of $5,000 each, to be used toward tuition costs at any of CUNY’s 17 undergraduate colleges.  Scholarships are not limited to a specific field of study, but require full-time enrollment in either an associates or baccalaureate degree program. Winners must provide proof of fall enrollment at CUNY and commit to participating in at least one community service project during their freshman year.  Read more about past Scholarship Winners.


To apply, high school seniors must have completed at least 50 hours of service in their community and/or school in the past twelve months. The service may include participating with institutions or community-based organizations devoted to improving the quality of life for community residents or fostering civic engagement.  Volunteer activities should be substantive and not solely connected to high school graduation requirements.


The application must include the following:

  • a teacher or counselor recommendation (supplemental letter from a volunteer supervisor is not required, but strongly encouraged),
  • a high school transcript
  • a description of work, volunteer and extra-curricular activities highlighting past or current leadership roles
  • an essay (minimum 500 words) discussing own understanding of civic service and personal experience that illustrates a commitment to serve others


Application Materials – APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 24, 2014


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Myself Third: Alumni Spirit Award

The Myself Third Alumni Award helps students focus on what matters the most – getting an education that cultivates their potential as well as their community activism.  The program awards one-time grants of $2,500 to former Myself Third recipients who demonstrate active interest in forging relationships with past winners and devoted to strengthening the scholarship alumni network.

The award is open to rising sophomores and juniors with a strong academic record (minimum of 3.2 GPA), demonstrated leadership and community service on and/or off-campus.  Award winners will work with the scholarship coordinator on developing strategies to improve alumni involvement, reconnection, and engagement through the use of social networking as well as planning and implementing alumni events such as reunions, conferences, social outings and community service projects in partnership with college campus departments or community-based organizations.

The application must include the following:

  • a recommendation from a college professor or volunteer supervisor
  • a college transcript
  • a description of volunteer work and/or extra-curricular activities
  • an essay (minimum 500 words) discussing ideas for increasing involvement in MS3 alumni events and integrating community-action projects that promote service


Application Materials – APPLICATION DEADLINE – APRIL 7, 2014


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