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Classroom and Courtroom Combine at John Jay’s Summer Law Institute

by Shean Hinds College Now Ladders for Leaders Summer 2014 Intern Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Sciences at City College

Am I ready for college? JJayConfTableBig This is one of many questions on the minds of all high school students; but for the students that participated in the five week summer law institute programs at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice this summer, many of their questions were answered. The aim of College Now is to “…prepare [students] for success in college, both academically and socially.” And according to one of this summer’s participants “College Now is the best program for high school students. It gives a perspective on college without actually being in college.” ~G.S. At both Law and Criminal Justice Summer Institute (CJSI) and the Law and Justice Summer Institute (LJSI), participants received an introduction to the American Legal system as well as the college experience. Students were immersed in an intense 2-part program which provided them with the opportunity to gain 3 college credits in the morning while participating in a hands-on afternoon session where they applied academic content to real world judicial settings. JJayCourtJudgeSmallCJSI allowed students to participate in a Mock Trial where they simulated real legal cases as they explored occupational roles within the criminal justice system. They also gained an increased understanding of the cultural and historical foundation on which the American criminal justice system was built by examining landmark cases such as Miranda v. Arizona. LJSI taught students the law and legal skills required to argue in state and federal appellate courts through exploration of constitutional law within a Moot Court program. The LJSI program also allowed students to academically examine the cultural, historical, and philosophical bases of the core legal and constitutional principles of limited state authority through the Law and Literature course; by analyzing such works as George Orwell’s 1984, Sophocles’ Three Theban Plays, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s The Social Contract. When interviewed all students who participated in these programs were ecstatic about their experiences this summer and when asked why they chose to participate in the College Now program offered at John Jay College one student said, “I want to be confident when I walk into college and know that I’m ready.” ~C.T. And when asked to reflect on their experience, one student replied, “The experience of this program made me feel like I redeemed myself, during the school year I was a slacker. But while here I felt like I dedicated myself to the program… [now] I feel more confident [and ready] for my senior year.” ~M.M. To find out more information about the programs that College Now offers, you can visit our website.