To learn more about College Now at your high school, find it in the list below.

If your school is a College Now partner high school, you will be taken to a page that tells you:

  • its partner college(s)
  • its College Now liaison(s)—the liaison is College Now’s representative at your school

If your school is not yet a College now partner, you will be taken to a page that explains your options for participating in College Now.

Please note: the lists below includes all the New York City Department of Education high schools in alphabetical order by their official name. For example, LaGuardia High School’s official name is Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.

If you want to confirm your school’s official name, use the search function on the NYC Department of Education’s home page

Contact your high school’s liaison to find out exactly which College Now courses, activities, or events you can participate in. Liaisons are the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of CN information. They can tell you about requirements, application deadlines, and other details.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E
  6. F
  7. G
  8. H
  9. I
  10. J
  11. K
  12. L
  13. M
  14. N
  15. O
  16. P
  17. Q
  18. R
  19. S
  20. T
  21. U
  22. V
  23. W
  24. X
  25. Y
  26. Z
  1. A

    1. A. Phillip Randolph High School
    2. Abraham Lincoln High School
    3. Academy for Careers in Television and Film
    4. Academy for College Prep and Career Exploration: A College Board School
    5. Academy for Conservation and the Environment
    6. Academy for Environmental Leadership
    7. Academy for Health Careers
    8. Academy for Language and Technology
    9. Academy for Scholarship and Enterpreneurship: A College Board School
    10. Academy for Social Action: A College Board School
    11. Academy for Software Engineering
    12. Academy for Young Writers
    13. Academy of American Studies High School
    14. Academy of Business and Community Development
    15. Academy of Environmental Science Secondary School
    16. Academy of Finance and Enterprise
    17. Academy of Hospitality and Tourism
    18. Academy of Innovative Technology
    19. Academy of Medical Technology: A College Board School
    20. Academy of Urban Planning
    21. Achievement First University Prep High School
    22. ACORN Community High School
    23. ACORN High School for Social Justice
    24. Agnes Y Humphrey School for Leadership
    25. Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical Education High School
    26. All City Leadership Secondary School
    27. American Sign Language & English Secondary School
    28. Arts and Media Preparatory Academy
    29. Aspirations Diploma Plus High School
    30. Astor Collegiate Academy
    31. August Martin High School
    32. Automotive High School
    33. Aviation Career & Technical High School

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  2. B

    1. Ballet Tech, NYC Public School for Dance
    2. Banana Kelly High School
    3. Bard High School Early College
    4. Bard High School Early College II
    5. Baruch College Campus High School
    6. Bayard Rustin Educational Complex (High School for Humanities)
    7. Bayside High School
    8. Beach Channel High School
    9. Beacon High School
    10. Bedford Academy High School
    11. Bedford Stuyvesant Preparatory High School
    12. Belmont Preparatory High School
    13. Benjamin Banneker Academy
    14. Benjamin Franklin HS for Finance & Information Technology
    15. Benjamin N. Cardozo High School
    16. Boys & Girls High School
    17. Bread & Roses Integrated Arts High School
    18. Bronx Academy of Health Careers
    19. Bronx Academy of Letters
    20. Bronx Aerospace Academy
    21. Bronx Career and College Preparatory School
    22. Bronx Center for Science & Mathematics, The
    23. Bronx Coalition Community High School
    24. Bronx Collaborative School
    25. Bronx Collegiate Academy
    26. Bronx Community High School
    27. Bronx Compass School
    28. Bronx Design & Construction Academy
    29. Bronx Early College Academy for Teaching and Learning
    30. Bronx Engineering & Technology Academy
    31. Bronx Expeditionary Learning High School
    32. Bronx Guild High School: A NYC Outward Bound
    33. Bronx Haven High School
    34. Bronx Health Sciences High School
    35. Bronx High School for Law and Community Service
    36. Bronx High School for Medical Science
    37. Bronx High School for Visual Arts
    38. Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts
    39. Bronx High School of Business
    40. Bronx High School of Science
    41. Bronx International High School
    42. Bronx Lab School
    43. Bronx Latin School, The
    44. Bronx Leadership Academy High School
    45. Bronx Leadership Academy II High School
    46. Bronx Preparatory Charter School
    47. Bronx Regional High School
    48. Bronx River High School
    49. Bronx School for Law, Government & Justice
    50. Bronx School of Law and Finance
    51. Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists
    52. Bronx Theatre High School
    53. Bronxdale High School
    54. Bronxwood Preparatory Academy
    55. Brooklyn Academy High School
    56. Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance
    57. Brooklyn Bridge Academy
    58. Brooklyn College Academy
    59. Brooklyn Collegiate: A College Board School
    60. Brooklyn Community HS of Communication, Arts and Media
    61. Brooklyn Democracy Academy
    62. Brooklyn Democracy Academy
    63. Brooklyn Frontiers High School
    64. Brooklyn Generation School
    65. Brooklyn High School for Law & Technology
    66. Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service
    67. Brooklyn High School for Science & Environment
    68. Brooklyn High School for the Arts
    69. Brooklyn High School Music and Theatre
    70. Brooklyn Institute for Liberal Arts
    71. Brooklyn International High School
    72. Brooklyn Lab School
    73. Brooklyn Latin School
    74. Brooklyn Preparatory High School
    75. Brooklyn School for Math and Research
    76. Brooklyn Secondary School for Collaborative Studies
    77. Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
    78. Brooklyn Technical High School
    79. Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School
    80. Broome Street Academy
    81. Brownsville Academy High School
    82. Bushwick Leaders High School for Academic Excellence
    83. Bushwick School for Social Justice
    84. Business of Sports School

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  3. C

    1. Cambria Heights Academy for New Literacies
    2. Canarsie High School
    3. Cascades High School for Teaching & Learning
    4. Celia Cruz Bronx High School for Music, The
    5. Central Park East High School
    6. Channel View School for Research
    7. Chelsea Career and Technical Education High School
    8. Choir Academy of Harlem
    9. Christopher Columbus High School
    10. Cinema School
    11. City as School
    12. City College Academy of the Arts
    13. City Polytech High School of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology
    14. Civic Leadership Academy
    15. Clara Barton Vocational High School
    16. Claremont International High School
    17. Coalition School for Social Change
    18. Cobble Hill School of American Studies
    19. Collegiate Institute of Math and Science
    20. Community Health Academy of the Heights
    21. Community High School for Social Justice
    22. Community Preparatory High School
    23. Concord High School
    24. Coney Island Prep High School
    25. Crotona Academy High Schools
    26. Crotona International High School
    27. CSI High School for International Studies
    28. Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences
    29. CUNY Prep
    30. Curtis High School
    31. Cypress Hills Collegiate Preparatory School

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  4. D

    1. Democracy Prep Charter High School
    2. DeWitt Clinton High School
    3. Digital Arts & Cinema Technology High School
    4. Discovery High School
    5. Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health and Science Charter School
    6. Dr. Susan S McKinney Secondary School of the Arts
    7. DreamYard Preparatory School

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  5. E

    1. Eagle Academy for Young Men
    2. Eagle Academy for Young Men II at Ocean Hill
    3. Eagle Academy for Young Men III
    4. East Bronx Academy for the Future
    5. East Brooklyn Community High School
    6. East New York Family Academy
    7. East Side Community High School
    8. East- West School of International Studies
    9. EBC/ ENY High School for Public Safety & Law
    10. EBC/ HS School for Public Service - Bushwick
    11. Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School
    12. Edward R. Murrow High School
    13. El Puente Academy for Peace & Justice
    14. Eleanor Roosevelt High School
    15. Emma Lazarus High School
    16. Energy Tech High School
    17. English Language Learners and International Support Prep Academy
    18. EPIC High School North
    19. Epic High School South
    20. Esperanza Prepartory Academy
    21. Essex Street Academy
    22. Excelsior PreparatoryHigh School
    23. Eximius College Preparatory Academy: A College Board School
    24. Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders
    25. Explorations Academy

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  6. F

    1. Facing History School, The
    2. Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
    3. FDNY High School for Fire & Life Safety
    4. Felisa Rincon De Gautier Institute of law and Public Policy, The
    5. Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts
    6. Flushing High School
    7. Flushing International High School
    8. Food and Finance High School
    9. Fordham High School for the Arts
    10. Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology
    11. Foreign Language Academy of Global Studies
    12. Forest Hills High School
    13. Fort Hamilton High School
    14. Foundations Academy
    15. Frances Perkins Academy
    16. Francis Lewis High School
    17. Frank McCourt High School
    18. Frank Sinatra High School of Arts High School
    19. Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School
    20. Franklin K. Lane High School
    21. Frederick Douglass Academy
    22. Frederick Douglass Academy II Secondary School
    23. Frederick Douglass Academy III Secondary School
    24. Frederick Douglass Academy IV Secondary School
    25. Frederick Douglass Academy VI High School
    26. Frederick Douglass Academy VII High School
    27. Freedom Academy High School

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  7. G

    1. Gateway School for Environmental Research and Technology (Closed)
    2. Gaynor McCown Expeditionary Learning School
    3. George Washington Carver High School for the Sciences
    4. George Westinghouse Vocational Technical High School
    5. Global Enterprise Academy
    6. Gotham Professional Arts Academy
    7. Grace Dodge Career & Technical Education High School
    8. Gramercy Arts High School
    9. Green School: An Academy for Environmental Careers
    10. Gregorio Luperon High School
    11. Grover Cleveland High School

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  8. H

    1. Harlem Renaissance High School
    2. Harlem Village Academy Charter School
    3. Harry S.Truman High School
    4. Harvest Collegiate High School
    5. Harvey Milk High School
    6. Health Education and Research Occupations (HERO) High School
    7. Health Opportunities High School
    8. Henry Street School for International Studies
    9. Herbert H. Lehman High School
    10. Heritage School, The
    11. High School for Arts & Business
    12. High School for Arts, Imagination & Inquiry
    13. High School for Civil Rights
    14. High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture, The
    15. High School for Contemporary Arts
    16. High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies
    17. High School for Energy and Technology
    18. High School for Enterprise, Business and Technology
    19. High School for Environmental Studies
    20. High School for Excellence and Innovation
    21. High School for Fashion Industries, The
    22. High School for Global Citizenship, The
    23. High School for Health Careers & Science
    24. High School for Health Professions & Human Services
    25. High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media
    26. High School for Language and Diplomacy
    27. High School for Language and Innovation
    28. High School for Law & Public Service
    29. High School for Law Enforcement & Public Safety
    30. High School for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice
    31. High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering @ CCNY
    32. High School for Media & Communications
    33. High School for Medical Professions
    34. High School for Public Service Heroes of Tomorrow
    35. High School for Service & Learning @ Erasmus
    36. High School for Teaching and the Professions
    37. High School for Violin and Dance
    38. High School for Youth and Community Development @ Erasmus
    39. High School of American Studies @ Lehman College
    40. High School of Applied Communication
    41. High School of Art & Design
    42. High School of Arts & Technology
    43. High School of Computers and Technology
    44. High School of Economics & Finance
    45. High School of Graphic Communication Arts
    46. High School of Hospitality Management
    47. High School of Sports Management
    48. High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
    49. High School of World Cultures
    50. High School X560 - Bronx Academy High School
    51. Hillcrest High School
    52. Holcombe L Rucker School of Community Research
    53. Hostos- Lincoln Academy Science
    54. Hudson High School of Learning Technologies
    55. Humanities and the Arts Magnet High School
    56. Humanities Preparatory Academy
    57. Hunter College High School
    58. Hyde Leadership Charter School

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  9. I

    1. In-Tech Academy (M.S./ High School 368)
    2. Independence High School
    3. Information Technology High School
    4. Innovation Diploma Plus
    5. Institute for Collaborative Education
    6. Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights
    7. International Art & Business School
    8. International Community High School
    9. International High School @ LaGuardia Community College
    10. International High School @ Prospect Heights
    11. International High School at Lafayette
    12. International High School at Union Square
    13. International Leadership Charter School
    14. International School for Liberal Arts
    15. Inwood Academy for Leadership High School
    16. It Takes A Village Academy

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  10. J

    1. Jacqueline K. Onassis High School
    2. Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences
    3. Jamaica High School
    4. James Madison High School
    5. Jane Addams Vocational High School
    6. Jill Chaifetz Transfer High School
    7. John Adams High School
    8. John Bowne High School
    9. John Dewey High School
    10. John F. Kennedy High School
    11. John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy
    12. John W. Lavelle Prep Charter High School
    13. Jonathan Levin High School for Media Communication
    14. Juan Morel Campos Secondary School

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  11. K

    1. Khalil Gibran International Academy
    2. Kingsborough Early College Secondary School
    3. Kingsbridge International High School
    4. KIPP NYC College Prep
    5. Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy International High School
    6. Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning school

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  12. L

    1. Laboratory School of Finance & Technology
    2. Lafayette High School - Closed
    3. LaGuardia Middle College High School
    4. Landmark High School
    5. Law, Government and Community Service High School - Closed
    6. Leadership & Public Service High School
    7. Leadership Institute
    8. Legacy School for Integrated Studies closed in 2015
    9. Leon M. Goldstein High School
    10. Liberation Diploma Plus High School
    11. Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers
    12. Life Academy High School for Film & Music
    13. Life Academy High School for Film and Music
    14. Life Sciences Secondary School
    15. Long Island City High School
    16. Louis D. Brandeis High School is closed.
    17. Lower East Side Preparatory High School
    18. Lower Manhattan Arts Academy
    19. Lyons Community School

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  13. M

    1. M D Bacon Vocational High School
    2. Magnet School for Business, Comp. App & Entrepreneurship
    3. Manhattan Bridges High School
    4. Manhattan Business Academy
    5. Manhattan Center for Science & Mathematics
    6. Manhattan Comprehensive Night & Day High School
    7. Manhattan High School P35M
    8. Manhattan International High School, The
    9. Manhattan Theatre Lab High School
    10. Manhattan Village Academy High School
    11. Manhattan/ Hunter Science High School
    12. Marble Hill High School for International Studies
    13. Marie Curie HS for Medicine, Nursing and Other Health Profession, The
    14. Marte Valle Secondary High School, The
    15. Martin Van Buren High School
    16. Maspeth High School
    17. Mathematics, Science, Research and Technology Magnet High School
    18. Medgar Evers College Preparatory School
    19. MESA Charter High School
    20. Metropolitan Corporate Academy High School
    21. Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School
    22. Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School
    23. Metropolitan High School, The
    24. Michael J. Petrides High School
    25. Middle College High School at LaGuardia Community College
    26. Midwood High School @ Brooklyn College
    27. Millennium Art Academy
    28. Millennium Brooklyn High School
    29. Millennium High School
    30. Monroe Academy - Business and Law
    31. Monroe Academy for Visual Arts & Design
    32. Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies
    33. Mott Hall Bronx High School
    34. Mott Hall High School
    35. Mott Hall V
    36. Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School
    37. Multicultural High School
    38. Murry Bergtraum High School

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  14. N

    1. New Day Academy
    2. New Design High School
    3. New Dorp High School
    4. New Explorations in Science, Technology, Math High School
    5. New Explorers High School
    6. New Heights Academy Charter School
    7. New Utrecht High School
    8. New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science III
    9. New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities III
    10. New Visions Charter HS for Advanced Math & Science IV
    11. New World High School
    12. New York City Lab High School for Collaborative Studies
    13. New York City Museum School, The
    14. New York Institute for Special Education
    15. Newcomers High School
    16. Newtown High School
    17. Norman Thomas High School
    18. North Queens Community High School
    19. Northside Charter School
    20. NYC Charter High School for Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industries
    21. NYCiSchool

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  15. O

    1. Olympus Academy
    2. Origins High School

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  16. P

    1. P.U.L.S.E (Providing Urban Learners Success in Education) High School
    2. Pablo Neruda Academy for Architecture & World Studies
    3. Pace High School
    4. Pacific High School
    5. Pan American International High School
    6. Pan American International High School at Monroe
    7. Park East High School
    8. Park Slope Collegiate (formally Secondary School for Research)
    9. Pathways College Preparatory School
    10. Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH)
    11. Paul Robeson High School Business Technology
    12. Peace and Diversity Academy
    13. Pelham Lab High School
    14. Pelham Prepartory Academy
    15. Performance Conservatory High School
    16. Performing Arts and Technology High School
    17. Port Richmond High School
    18. Preparatory Academy for Writers: A College Board School
    19. Professional Pathways High School
    20. Professional Performing Arts School
    21. PROGRESS High School for Professional Careers
    22. Promise Academy Charter High School
    23. Promise Academy Charter School
    24. Promise Academy II High School

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  17. Q

    1. Queens Academy High School: Flushing Campus
    2. Queens Collegiate: A College Board School
    3. Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School
    4. Queens High School for Information, Research, and Technology
    5. Queens High School for Language Studies
    6. Queens High School for Sciences @ York College
    7. Queens High School of Teaching, Liberal Arts & Science
    8. Queens Metropolitan High School
    9. Queens Preparatory Academy
    10. Queens School of Inquiry
    11. Queens Vocational High School
    12. Quest to Learn

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  18. R

    1. Rachel Carson High School for Coastal Studies
    2. Ralph McKee Vocational High School
    3. Renaissance Charter High School For Innovation
    4. Renaissance Charter School, The
    5. Renaissance High School of Musical Theatre & Technology
    6. Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts
    7. Richard Green High School of Teaching
    8. Richmond Hill High School
    9. Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy (MS/ HS 141)
    10. ROADS Charter High School I
    11. ROADS Charter High School II
    12. Robert F. Kennedy Community High School
    13. Robert F. Wagner Jr. Secondary School for Arts and Technology
    14. Rockaway Collegiate High School
    15. Rockaway Park High School for Environmental Sustainability

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  19. S

    1. Samuel Gompers Career & Technical Education High School
    2. Samuel J. Tilden High School is officially closed. 
    3. Satellite Academy High School
    4. Schomburg Satellite Academy
    5. School for Classics: An Academy of Thinkers, Writers and Performers
    6. School for Community Research and Learning
    7. School for Democracy and Leadership
    8. School for Excellence
    9. School for Human Rights, The
    10. School for International Studies
    11. School for the Physical City
    12. School for Tourism & Hospitality
    13. School of Legal Studies
    14. School of the Future High School
    15. Schuylerville Preparatory High School
    16. Science Skills Center High School for Science, Tech & the Creative Arts
    17. Science, Technology and Research High School Early College HS @ Erasmus
    18. Secondary School for Journalism
    19. Secondary School for Law
    20. Sheepshead Bay High School - Closed
    21. South Bronx Preparatory: A College Board School
    22. South Brooklyn Community High School
    23. South Shore High School
    24. Staten Island Technical High School
    25. Stuyvesant High School
    26. Success Academy High School of Liberal Arts
    27. Summit Academy Charter School
    28. Summit School
    29. Sunset Park High School
    30. Susan E. Wagner High School

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  20. T

    1. Talent Unlimited High School
    2. Teachers Preparatory High School
    3. The Baccalaureate School for Global Education
    4. The Brooklyn School for Math & Research (B-SMARt)
    5. The Clinton School for Writers & Artists
    6. The College Academy
    7. The Global Learning Collaborative High School
    8. The International High School for Health Sciences
    9. The James Baldwin School: A School for Expeditionary Learning
    10. The Lowell School
    11. The Opportunity Charter School
    12. The Scholars' Academy
    13. The UFT Charter school
    14. Theatre Arts Production Company School
    15. Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical Education High School
    16. Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change
    17. Tottenville High School
    18. Townsend Harris High School @ Queens College
    19. Transit Tech Career and Technical Education High School

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  21. U

    1. Uncommon Charter High School
    2. Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
    3. Uncommon Preparatory Charter High School
    4. Union Square Academy for Health Sciences
    5. Unity Center for Urban Technologies
    6. University Heights Secondary School
    7. University Neighborhood High School
    8. University Prep Charter High School
    9. Urban Academy Laboratory High School
    10. Urban Action Academy
    11. Urban Assembly Academy for History and Citizenship for Young Men, The
    12. Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law, The
    13. Urban Assembly for Business for Young Women
    14. Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology
    15. Urban Assembly Maker Academy
    16. Urban Assembly New York Harbor High School
    17. Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science, The
    18. Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports
    19. Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice
    20. Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce
    21. Urban Assembly School for Green Careers
    22. Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice
    23. Urban Assembly School for Media Studies, The
    24. Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts
    25. Urban Assembly School for the Urban Environment
    26. Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction
    27. Urban Assembly School of Music and Art, The

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  22. V

    1. Validus Preparatory Academy
    2. Vanguard High School
    3. Veritas Academy
    4. Victory Collegiate High School
    5. Virtual Enterprise
    6. VOYAGES Preparatory

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  23. W

    1. W.E.B Dubois Academic High School
    2. Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing and Visual Arts
    3. Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School
    4. Washington Irving High School
    5. West Bronx Academy for the Future
    6. West Brooklyn Community High School
    7. William C. Bryant High School
    8. William E. Grady Career & Technical Education High School
    9. William H. Maxwell Vocational High School
    10. Williamsburg Charter High School
    11. Williamsburg High School for Architechture and Design
    12. Williamsburg Preparatory High School
    13. Wings Academy
    14. Women's Academy of Excellence
    15. World Academy for Total Community Health
    16. World Journalism Preparatory: A College Board School
    17. World Journalism Preparatory: A College Board School

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  24. Y

    1. YABC (Young Adult Borough Center) at Christopher Columbus High School
    2. YABC (Young Adult Borough Center) at Flushing HS
    3. YABC (Young Adult Borough Center) at Thomas Jefferson High School
    4. York Early College Academy
    5. Young Women's Leadership School - Astoria
    6. Young Women\'s Leadership Institute - Manhattan
    7. Young Women\\\'s Leadership School - Queens
    8. Young Women’s Leadership Academy of Brooklyn

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