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College Now for Students from Non-partnered NYC Public Schools

Your school has not established a College Now partnership yet—but that does not mean you’re excluded from College Now.

For College Now Summer Programs

It’s this simple: if you meet the eligibility requirements for a specific program, you are welcome to apply regardless of your school’s partnership status.

There is a summer program for pretty much everyone—courses are offered in a variety of subject areas, and in all 5 boroughs. Most offer college credit, but there are noncredit options too.

Search summer programs.

For College Now School-Year Courses

It’s possible to take a CN course during the spring or fall, but it might take a little extra research/emailing/calling on your part.

We suggest:

Check out our online course listings. Choose a subject that interests you, and look for a college campus that you would be able to travel to after school.

If you find a suitable course, contact CN staff at the college offering it. They will fill you in on course details and let you know whether you’re eligible and if they have space for you. If you do not qualify—or the course is full—they may be able to recommend alternatives.

Please note: Courses offered outside of a school’s CN partnership are usually limited to college-credit courses that meet on a college campus (not at a high school). You must meet all requirements for the course, including basic enrollment guidelines.

Need Help?

If you still aren’t quite sure about how to get involved, send us an email and we’ll try our best to straighten things out.